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On site survey/report

We can come to your site (or work off site if the sample can be sent to us) to complete the required testing and provide a full report. Risk Assessment and Method Statement provided. We always work to approved SOPs, HSE and Government requirements.

Equipment Rental

The XRF test equipment is available for daily/weekly rental providing this fits in with HS&E requirements. Contact us for details. All manuals and Standard Operating Procedures provided. On site training can be provided if required.

Precious Metal Testing 

Coins, jewellery and precious metal testing. Antiques and antiquities. Treasure hoard finds.

Detectorists - we can check and certify your finds.

See feature in The Searcher Magazine No. 431, July 2021, page 26

Watch this video to understand why it is important to test equipment materials 

Pharmaceutical Facility vat


We provide specialised alloy material identification services using Niton portable XRF equipment.

With a company background of over 30 years experience in QA Validation, we quickly noticed one recurring theme has been lack of definitive independent material certification at IQ stage. Deciding to do something about it we researched for a way to resolve this is with using a quick, reliable, reproducible and traceable non-destructive test that could be used at any stage in the verification including retrospectively. We chose to invest in Niton XRF equipment as it fitted the needs of the pharmaceutical industry best.

Our XL2 kit can be used to identify almost any type of alloys e.g. stainless steel (most commonly 316, 304) with great accuracy.

The testing can be completed on new, existing and used equipment. testing can be completed on site and/or off site. We regularly work with both suppliers and end users.

We also have the additional capability to identify precious metals and have completed so interesting work in the fields of numismatics, Chinese bronzes and art & antiquities.





XRF is short for X-Ray Fluorescence, which refers to the emission of ‘secondary’ x-ray radiation from an element which has been
bombarded with ‘primary’ x-ray radiation, i.e. radiation from an external source.


The emission of this secondary radiation is known as ‘fluorescence’, and its measurement provides the mechanism for XRF spectrometry.

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